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Somos 1 Unit 5

The Somos Curriculum for Novice learners

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)

This bundle includes complete lesson plans and all materials required to teach a seven-day unit in early Spanish 1 about bullfighting. The first half of the unit is focused on building vocabulary through narrative. The second half of the unit uses the Core Vocabulary to describe various elements of bullfighting, including the fact that it highly opposed. Students have the opportunity to consider multiple perspectives about bullfighting and to formulate and express their own ideas in the target language.


  • tiene
  • va a
  • está enojado
  • novio/novia
  • hermano/hermana


Bullfighting - culture or torture?


  • instructions for introducing vocabulary
  • two song activities with lyrics sheets
  • a story script
  • follow-up activities for the story
  • a fictitious Spanish-language reading
  • a listening assessment
  • an authentic reading activity (formative assessment)
  • a Spanish-language reading about bullfighters
  • comprehension questions
  • discussion questions
  • an authentic video activity
  • a bullfighting song activity
  • an optional writing assessment
  • suggestions for additional activities
  • a 48 page slideshow with daily warm-ups
  • answer keys
  • detailed lesson plans for the entire unit
  • a complete unit overview with abbreviated daily plans, can-do statements, World Readiness standards, Common Core alignment, AP themes, Essential questions, and Proficiency Orientation

Click here to purchase a four-day expansion pack for this unit that digs into the bullfighting debate: ¿cultura o tortura?

If you would like to teach ONLY the cultural content of this unit (without the vocabulary introduction and storytelling), purchase the bullfighting lesson plans.


Files for this unit are stored in Google Drive. The lesson plans and student printables are in a fixed PDF, and the Slideshow is editable in Slides or Powerpoint. When you download this resource, you will receive a PDF that contains a clickable link to the Drive folder.


The Somos Curriculum® is a Proficiency-oriented curriculum for Novice and Intermediate Spanish learners that is designed for middle and high school courses. Instruction in The Somos Curriculum® focuses on language acquisition or implicit language development rather than explicit teaching and practice of grammar and vocabulary. Lessons are highly communicative and conducted primarily in the target language. 

With detailed daily lesson plans, target-language scripts, tutorials for making input comprehensible, student activities, assessments, and suggestions for differentiation, The Somos Curriculum® is the most complete Spanish curriculum on the market, and it is no surprise that it is used in more than 100,000 language classrooms worldwide.

  • Learn more about the Somos Curriculum here
  • Click here to view the Somos 1 Curriculum Map. 
  • The Somos Curriculum can be purchased individually, in bundles, or as a complete set. To view all the options click here
  • The comprehensible classroom ALWAYS designs amazing units that are very low prep for the teacher and very engaging for the students. Use these resources and your students WILL acquire the Spanish language. In this unit I especially enjoyed the activity with translating/ answering questions about various tweets. 

    Friedman Dyslexia Therapy
  • There is some great content in this unit, and my students have had a lot of fun with it. We've especially enjoyed learning about bullfighting. I had to make a few adaptations to the storyasking exercise. Instead of stealing "girlfriends", our story was about stealing "pets". This worked better for my younger audience.

    Michelle A.
  • I used this in conjunction with the material from SOMOS Flex. I feel like together they make a very strong thorough curriculum which is engaging and interesting to my students.

    Christina Cantrell
  • Great resources and vocabulary structures coupled with an engaging topic. We paired this unit with Ferdinand, and the students loved it! I also present the alternatives of bull jumping, as it is a sensitive issue especially for animal lovers. 

    K L.
  • These resources have been a GAME CHANGER for hybrid teaching. Everything is very detailed and the activities for students are very engaging.

    Maria T.

Somos 1 Unit 5


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