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Somos 2 Unit 13 FLEX

Hybrid curriculum for Intermediate Spanish: Use for Sub plans, Absent work, Make-up, and Paperless assignments

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive

This is the Flex Learning equivalent of SOMOS 2 Unit 13, which focuses on the estar + participle grammar construction through an invented crime scene investigation. Please be aware that the crime scene is a fictitious murder scene. If you will be unable to read the stories of the murder investigation, then these materials will not be useable to you.

This set of SOMOS Flex Plans includes lesson plans and materials for 4 days of instruction. Lesson plans and materials are provided with instructions for FOUR (4) kinds of learners for every day in order to streamline planning:

  • IN CLASSROOM STUDENTS: for daily classroom instruction
  • LIVESTREAM AND SYNCHRONOUS STUDENTS: for students that are attending class from home, either streaming in to classroom instruction or attending classes that are led by the teacher on virtual platforms such as Zoom.
  • ASYNCHRONOUS: for students that are working independently on virtual assignments from home.
  • PRINT ONLY: for students learning remotely without Internet access

All learning strands are fully synchronized so that all students in the course will be working through the same material, at the same pace, regardless of the instructional strand that they have chosen.


The Somos Flex plans offer a simplified version of the lessons from the original SOMOS Curriculum. Somos Flex was originally created for teachers who were juggling multiple strands of learners during the pandemic, including learners in virtual spaces. It was valuable to keep the content more consistent and predictable for both the teacher and the student. 

The original Somos plans include a much wider variety of activities and go more in-depth with cultural exploration. Somos Flex is formulaic and streamlined, so that neither you nor your learners are trying to figure out how to do new activities and use new tools in each unit. While this is ideal for hybrid instructional models especially, the Original Somos curriculum offers a much richer, more personalized language learning experience.

Teachers that already own The Somos Curriculum can use these materials to meet the needs of learners in less traditional instructional settings (hybrid, fully asynchronous, etc.) and to differentiate to better meet the needs of all of their learners, regardless of instructional setting. The Flex materials provide opportunities to extend content from the original curriculum, alternatives to replace activities or stories that don't fit the needs of your program and your personality, and material for make-up work and sub plans.

Teachers that do not already own the original Somos Curriculum may choose to purchase only the Flex plans if they have online or virtual learners. The Flex plans are not dependent on the original plans in any way. Purchasing both the original Somos materials and the Flex plans will allow teachers to access the full depth of the curriculum and maximum differentiation.

  • Great unit! I also used it to launch into present and past perfect.

    Michelle A.
  • Paired really well with the original Crime Scene Unit & really helped with reiterating the structures

    Exploring el mundo
  • This is such a fun and engaging resource that was really well adapted and suited to distance learning!

    Shanna C.
  • My students really enjoyed this resource. It was very engaging. It added to our mystery unit and was fun.

    Nicole M.
  • I used this to supplement the original unit 13. I like the changes made to this unit in the Flex version.

    Lauren S.

Somos 2 Unit 13 FLEX


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