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Somos 2 Unit 7

The Somos Curriculum for Intermediate Learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
70 Pages

This 5 day Spanish storytelling unit targets the three irregular imperfect verbs (ser, ir, ver). Instead of presenting these verbs to students through verb charts and expository notes, students are exposed to the structures through concentrated, comprehensible input.

The lesson plans include:

  • instructions for introducing the target structures
  • a TPRS® story script
  • follow-up activities for the story
  • 2 stories written in Spanish (illustrated slideshow and printable versions provided)
  • a slideshow including daily warm-ups
  • detailed lesson plans
  • answer keys
  • 5 activities that can be used as stations or as traditional activities. Each one is included in worksheet format and station-friendly format.
  • New in 2020: Digital/Paperless versions of all student printables

The five stations activities are:

  1. a matching activity that compares preterite and imperfect translations of the target verbs
  2. a CLOZE passage
  3. a sentence sorting activity that compares present, preterite, and imperfect tenses
  4. a writing activity
  5. a compare/contrast activity

All files are stored in Google Drive and linked in the PDF download for this product.

If you wish to give grammar notes about imperfect irregular verb forms, please consider doing it after teaching this unit.

  • Per usual, a great unit for past tense use. Everything you need in one neat package! Well worth the money!

    Laura E.
  • My students and I loved this! It made everything easier. They were so engaged!

    Magly Maza
  • Loved the stations, the artwork I got from students to go along with this unit was hilarious! 

    Jennifer Gorrin
  • I used this resource as the first targeted use of the irregular imperfect. I loved having 2 story options. I used 1 as a class reading activity and the other as a reading comprehension assessment at the end of the unit. I found the 5 stations to be practical and engaging. The activities were varied and effective in practicing targeted structures! It meets my administration's demands for differentiation. I enjoyed teaching this unit! The plans were clear, easy to follow, and offered so many worthwhile activities!

    Carrie R.
  • Not only has SOMOS curriculum proven to maintain my kiddos engaged, but their ACQUISITION has gone through the roof in comparison to my old ways. Love them!

    Alma M.

Somos 2 Unit 7


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