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Somos 2 Unit 8

The Somos Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
50 Pages

This unit is designed for Spanish II students to explore the short film "El hombre feliz" by Axel Arnaud using a four-level embedded reading.

The materials and suggested plans will fill between 5 and 8 class periods. They include:

  • a four-level embedded reading in Spanish
  • discussion questions
  • pre-reading/viewing vocabulary introduction
  • communicative activities
  • an exclusive interview with filmmaker Axel Arnaud
  • a writing assessment with rubrics included
  • a listening activity
  • several formative reading comprehension assessments
  • a slideshow
  • a reading-circle inspired lesson plan to link all activities together
  • NEW IN 2020: Paperless/Digital versions of all student printables

This an be taught as Unit 8 of the SOMOS Level 2 Spanish curriculum or it can be taught as a stand-alone unit in Spanish 2+.

View the complete SOMOS Level 2 Spanish curriculum and see purchasing options by clicking here.

All content from the short film "El hombre feliz" is used with express written consent from Axel Arnaud. Please preview the video before purchasing this lesson so that you can be confident that your students will be interested in discussing this short film.

  • Martina Bex does the impossible. This unit takes a video that had me very confused after watching and made it comprehensible to my students. WOW!

    Trevor G.
  • I love the embedded readings and I thought they very much helped my students to understand the video.

    Exploring el mundo
  • This was such an interesting unit! I really loved how deep the topic got it as we continued throughout the story! I used with my level 3 class! 

    Marissa H.
  • Lots of great discussions about what makes one happy. There was an interest in what and how the hombre feliz could be. As always the somos curriculum is great. 

    Suzanne K.
  • Students love the stories. They are engaging and students are able to self-reflect and share with classmates their thoughts

    Mia Amores

Somos 2 Unit 8


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