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The Somos Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
80 Pages

This unit provides five very full days of Comprehension-based lessons in which students will examine the practice and explore perspectives surrounding the infamous chancla; a commonly-used and polarizing disciplinary tool that is frequently referenced in pop culture.

The unit targets the imperfect tense of -AR verbs, meaning that students will have repeated exposure to those verbs throughout the unit. The core structures are "se quejaba de", "lo aguantaba", and "le dio con la chancla".

These materials are designed for a Level 2 Spanish class, and they can be used as a stand-alone unit even for teachers that are not following the SOMOS Level 2 curriculum. The product contains:

  • a song chorus activity
  • instructions for introducing vocabulary
  • two #authres video activities about La chancla
  • a MovieTalk script
  • a TPRS story script
  • story activities
  • a two-page fictitious story
  • a Reader's theater activity
  • communicative activities
  • a sequencing activity
  • several lyrics activities for a parody
  • a writing activity
  • writing, listening, and reading assessments
  • detailed lesson plans
  • answer keys
  • a slideshow for the entire unit, including daily warm-ups (PDF, PPT, and Google Slides versions included)

The presentation is fully compatible with Google Slides.


The Spanish Level 2 SOMOS Curriculum is a comprehension based curriculum: lessons are designed to provide students with massive amounts of comprehensible input through reading, storytelling, film, discussion, and music. Each lesson targets a specific grammar construction so that the curriculum can be aligned with more traditional textbook curricula.

Click here to view a complete curriculum map for SOMOS 2

  • I loved this resource for focusing on the -ar imperfect tense. Students get to compare and contrast various forms of discipline across cultures!

    Erica S.
  • My students loved this resource. I was uncertain as to how they would respond to the reenactment of the Nacho reading, but they loved it! We laughed and had so much fun! 

    Julee S.
  • I just finished up this unit with my Spanish 3 class and they loved it! They remained engaged throughout the unit and seemed to enjoy the activities. The unit is very thorough and is a great introduction to using the imperfect tense in context in Spanish. 

  • I love the fact that there is a unit on "la chancla!" Great unit that encompasses humor and highly delivers engaging content and context. Thank you!

    Smart Cookie Printables
  • Students enjoyed the unit. I think they had all heard reference the "la chancla" and appreciated the tongue in cheek introduction.

    Bethany Pflug

Somos 2 Unit 9


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