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A #authres cultural reading with comprehension activities

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
7 Pages
1+ days

This is a reading activity designed to help students practice the days of the week and the verb "mirar" or the verb "ver" (options for each). It is designed for students that have just begun to study Spanish. It contains screen shots of TV programming from Spain and an original reading in Spanish about the children's TV channel "CLAN". There are also seven reading comprehension questions for students to answer about the screen shots of TV programming for three days. It also includes a lesson plan, a projectable version of the reading, and an answer key.

Consider teaching this after SOMOS Unit 9: El Cucuy. 

  • I love the Spanish TV guide that was included in this unit! So creative and fun! Thank you! :)

    Amanda Greene
  • A great way to review days of the weeks and time, while having students use an authentic resource. 

    Lindsey M.
  • I love using the traditional SOMOS plans and this one is no exception. This unit offers great stories to teach the Core vocabulary and the cultural element. These plans have clear instructions and provide rich content for language learners.

    Maria T.
  • Easy to use and a fun discussion starter for how things have changed with TV. This worked well also for practicing days of the week! 

    Elizabeth C.
  • I used this reading as part of an introduction to our technology unit. My students were able to easily complete this activity. 

    Ciana P

Spanish TV programming


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