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Spoons for Spanish Class 314190 1

Game | Spoons for Spanish classes

Enjoy this highly competitive, fast-paced game in Spanish class!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
17 Pages

This file contains four sets of cards to print and use to play "Spoons"--a highly competitive, fast-paced game--with your Spanish classes. There is one set each for Level 1 vocabulary, numbers, preterite/present/infinitive/English verbs, and irregular/stem-change verbs. None of the cards contain images for the vocabulary terms so that students cannot match up sets of cards based on the images--they must rely solely on their knowledge of the Spanish term.

The zip file contains a print-ready PDF in addition to Pages and Word versions of the file (both editable but difficult to work with because of the original formatting).

For more information on the game, please visit this post.

  • Fun game! Keeps students engaged and they're reviewing concepts! Great for when you have some extra time at the end of class, filler before you start a new unit or sub day!

    Krysti Bowerman
  • My students love this game! My senior boys are begging for it all the time... we do weekly review sheets and they always turn them in with "more spoons, please!" comments at the bottom. :-)

    Hayle S.
  • We have Fun Fridays/Game Day on Fridays and this is the game they want to play every week. They really have learned their numbers because of this game so Thank you!

    Gloria P.
  • Such a fun game with different variations. I love when the administration comes in my room and sees how engaged my students are thanks to these games. Thank you!

    Stephanie M.
  • I love this game! My students love it even more. I use this template and manipulate to include verb conjugations. Spanish II is so grammar heavy that the students enjoy a "play day" every couple of weeks. It can get a little loud, but it's worth it to see them learning the irregular preterite verb conjugations!

    Tonya W.

Game | Spoons for Spanish classes


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