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H2 8 Viaje conmigo1 H2 8 Viaje conmigo 21

Huellas 2.8 Viaje conmigo

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
Google Drive, PDF
105 Pages

Share a love of travel with your students as you invite them to travel with you! In this unit (with both a novice and an intermediate lesson set), you will explore packing, vacations spots, and even music related to world travel.

Viaja conmigo is a great stand alone unit but is also unit 8 of the Huellas 2 curriculum from Somewhere to Share.

This product contains:

  • 7 day lesson plan
  • Both Novice and Intermediate activities to use separately or mix and match
  • Vocabulary
  • Movie Talks
  • Class Stories
  • Meme Activity
  • Infographic Activity
  • Authentic Connection - Viajar by García Márquez
  • Song of the Week - La lista de Aldrey for Novices, La vuelta al mundo de Calle 13 for Intermediates
  • Circle the Wagons
  • Final Assessment
  • We loved this unit to discus travel, the world, and our bucket lists. The students especially enjoyed the open photo driven conversation to end the unit!

    Anne W.
  • I love how this resource is differentiated and can be used at different levels! I also love that it's not too long of a unit so it maintains student interest, but also helps me continue to use CI strategies while meeting my district curriculum goals. 

  • This resource made it much easier for me to help my students learn about and understand the benefits of travel. The variety of activities allowed the students to stay motivated.

    Rebecca B.
  • I have used this resource with my Spanish 4 classes. They wanted a unit about Traveling and Carrie's was just perfect. I loved the authentic resources, poems, and tweets. Thank you, Carrie!

    Angelica R.
  • I loved that this could be used with different proficiency levels. I teach 6 different levels so it was so nice to have 2 classes on the same topic for these lessons. Thank you!

    Karissa G.

Huellas 2.8 Viaje conmigo


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