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Huellas 1.9 Medicina o cura

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF
83 Pages

In this 2 week long unit for intermediate learners, students will study illnesses and both medicinal and herbal remedies. They will learn vocabulary related to medicine and health care and will practice diagnosing and treating illness. With vocabulary, suggested grammar targets, and a unit hook to grab students' attention, this unit is sure to be a hit with students.

Medicina o cura is unit 9 of the Huellas 1 curriculum from Somewhere to Share but it can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

This product contains:

  • A unit hook
  • Two different songs
  • Daily memes about remedios caseros
  • A class story and related reading
  • Manipulative activities
  • A Duolingo podcast
  • A fun final project that simulates the roles of doctors and patients
  • This is one of the units I use before reading Vector and helps set the stage for the events in the story. It is now part of Carrie's Huellas unit and can't wait to cover this unit.

    Alma R.
  • My upper levels loved this, especially using the boiled egg to learn. This was fun and interesting but they learned SO much

    Samantha S.
  • I modified quite a bit for my AP class but I loved the complete lesson plans, the well planned activities, wholistic themes and engaging opportunities to use the language!

    alita G.
  • The Huellas units are always so well-done and this one did not disappoint. Thank you for using real topics to make learning Spanish enjoyable and comprehensible. 

    Olivia B.
  • I was in a desperate need of a resource for Medical Spanish. I am so glad I found this. I also follow this account on Instragram and she posts videos of the activities there. I love this. I am happy that people take the time to put GOOD resources together. Thank you so much!

    Olga Mejia

Huellas 1.9 Medicina o cura


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