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Huellas 2.9 Mar de plástico

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
Google Drive, PDF
126 Pages

In this unit: students (and teachers) will explore the role of plastic pollution in our oceans. Targeting Goal 14 (Life Below Water) of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, this unit helps students see how their own use of single use plastics and synthetic fabrics can affect sea life. From background information to plans to initiate a change, this unit has all you need!

This unit is designed to last between 13 and 15 class days. Go at your own pace, if some things take a day longer, no problem! You can just add a little time on at the end. Take it one step further by doing an outreach in your community!

Mar de plástico is unit 9 of the Huellas 2 curriculum from Somewhere to Share. It also works well as a stand-alone unit.

  • We just had finished a unit on nature and still had two weeks remaining of school during Distance Learning. This unit was perfect! Especially with the booster pack for online. My kids really enjoyed it!

    Katie H.
  • Students were very interested in this topic. Incorporating tweets and memes was a great idea to grab the attention of a high school student.

    Susan M.
  • This was a fantastic unit that created interest with my Spanish IV students and even led to a special visit to our local zoo. Great resource!

    Olivia B.
  • I loved mixing this resource with the AP curriculum and TEMAS textbook. Students were engaged and interested in the material. It facilitated all forms of communication. I look forward to using more units with my Spanish 3, 4, and AP classes. 

    Shannon M.
  • This is an incredible resource with a ton of excellent engaging activities of all types to discuss recycling, plastics in the ocean, etc.. I love this resource! 

    Shannon V.

Huellas 2.9 Mar de plástico


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