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Unas vacaciones memorables | Winter Break Chat Preterite tense

A "find someone who" activity focusing on 1st and 2nd person regular preterite verb forms

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In this "Find someone who" activity, students practice 1st and 2nd person regular preterite verb forms (with the exception of fuiste/fui, which is also included) to talk about their Winter break.

  • This was a simple activity that allowed students to move around the room and talk about their winter break while using Spanish. One class chose to use the activity to interview a single student rather than walk around. We followed up by beginning the mini unit on Nochevieja.

    Ronda Hall Ramirez
  • I used this with my high school students the first day back from winter break. After talking to each other, I had them pick five of the boxes and write a sentence about what someone else did. I also showed them the first person singular forms of the verbs and they had to write five sentences about what they did over vacation. Thank you for the great resource!

    Ahlona L.
  • These resources are very engaging and productive ! They promote retention of the material as well as motivation for the students. I really appreciate and value your time and talents. ¡Muchas Gracias!

    Stephanie Portillo
  • Thank you for another great resource. My students used this as a way to prepare for our writing final exam. It was a good way to get moving while actually brainstorming for a final exam.

    Amanda D.
  • I used this right after winter break! It was easily accessible for my Spanish 1 students since they were able to recognize the cognates in the past tense!

    Karen W.

Unas vacaciones memorables | Winter Break Chat Preterite tense


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