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Huellas 2.2 Hay un orangután en mi habitación

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
Google Drive, PDF
70 Pages

Orangután en mi habitación is a unit designed around the Greenpeace video of the same name. With a theme of sustainable farming of palm oil, this unit introduces students to the Sustainable Development Goals of Climate Action and Responsible Production and Consumption.

While Orangután en mi habitación is a perfect stand alone unit, it is also unit 2.2 in Somewhere to Share's Huellas curriculum. With both novice and intermediate versions of all activities, it is a great way to differentiate for learners who are at different proficiency levels.

This product contains: (Novice and Intermediate versions of all)

  • Picture talk of the short: Hay un orangután en mi habitación
  • Cloze activity
  • Transcript of short
  • Follow up activities
  • Interpretive reading
  • Cultural connection- Palm oil
  • Connects to the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals
  • Order the events
  • Rally 'Round Interpersonal Speaking
  • As I prepare for the upcoming school year, this resource is helping me enrich my own movie talks. Plus, having a new story to use is a cherry on top!

    Luisa M.
  • This is an amazing unit! I love that it is based on the Greenpeace clip. Kids learned a lot & they talked about it at home (they wanted to share what they are learning) - which got back to me later :)

    Shannon T.
  • The visuals in this resource were very engaging and lead to lots of positive and growing comprehension of the material. Great classroom success! 

    Erin W.
  • Amazing resource - engaging, easy to use, and important. My student enjoyed it!

    Tutoring with Anna
  • I downloaded this unit to see how a Huellas curriculum unit works and how to incorporate CI into my classroom. I am totally hooked! I loved reading the cute story and am eager to now teach this to my upper level Spanish students this year. Thank for this creative, inspiring unit and curriculum! 

    Angelica C.

Huellas 2.2 Hay un orangután en mi habitación


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