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Spanish A Word List, Quarter 1

October 14, 2011

Yesterday was the last day of the first quarter (yikes!), so today is our grading day, and I am spending my time organizing what we learned last quarter and prepping for Quarter 2. I thought that you might be interested to see what we covered in my classes, so I'll be posting the lists here. This first set is for my Spanish A students, which is considered the first half of Spanish 1. I have sixth and seventh graders (mostly sixth) in my two Spanish A classes.

Basic Words - Words that we used at the beginning of the year in PQA, mostly, and were never a target structure for a story, but students are responsible for knowing them anyway. We've also done colors, numbers, days of the week, and months of the year here and there, but my students are not responsible for knowing lists of them.

  1. el muchacho (el chico) the boy
  2. la muchacha (la chica) the girl
  3. la escuela school
  4. le gusta s/he likes
  5. ¿Cómo estás? How are you?
  6. Estoy bien I’m well
  7. Estoy mal I’m bad
  8. Estoy así así I’m okay
  9. la casa the house
  10. bueno good
  11. malo bad
  12. va goes

Common Storytelling Words - These words are on a poster in my room, and students can look at them at any time during any activity. Most students do not need to refer to the poster for the majority of these words, but the support is there if they need it.

  1. pero but
  2. porque because
  3. también also
  4. ahora now
  5. dice says
  6. pregunta asks
  7. así que so
  8. por eso therefore
  9. tampoco neither
  10. entonces then
  11. y and
  12. con with
  13. que that
  14. de of/from
  15. a to/at
  16. en in/on

Words with Gestures - These are all target structures from the stories that we've done in class. Students must know these words.

  1. ve s/he sees
  2. camina walks
  3. corre runs
  4. es muy pequeño is very small
  5. se llama his/her name is
  6. hay there is/there are
  7. tiene has
  8. puede hablar bien can speak well
  9. tiene que has to
  10. quiere wants
  11. nunca never
  12. cierra closes
  13. abre la puerta opens the door
  14. son las (#) it’s (time) o’clock
  15. está feliz is happy
  16. está triste y llora is sad and cries
  17. ríe laughs
  18. el lobo the wolf
  19. come eats

Helpful cognates - These are some common, useful cognates that I figured I'd throw on the word list that I give to students on Monday so that they remember that they have access to them. This list could really be endless, since we use a bazillion cognates, but these ten are good ones.

  1. atractivo/a attractive
  2. inteligente intelligent
  3. curioso/a curious
  4. practica practices
  5. roba steals
  6. usa uses
  7. un problema a problem
  8. una persona a person
  9. una computadora a computer
  10. un carro a car

I did not include any enrichment words on the list (things like 'tiene hambre', 'tiene frío', 'estoy cansado/a', etc.), but we've had lots!

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