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Here are two great games to use for Preferred Activity Time that I found on the Spanish Playground blog:

1, 2, 3, Calabaza - Similar to "Red Light, Green Light"; A great game to play while the weather is still nice enough to go outside! If you are not a Spanish teacher, you could pick any word that has a decent amount of syllables. You wouldn't have the excuse that you are teaching your children a traditional game from a country in which your language of instruction is spoken, but it's fun anyway :)

Guess the number - A good way to practice numbers from 0-100 and the words "more" and "less"

(Note: I don't do PAT as calculated time classes used to earn/lose minutes throughout the week, but I found that it didn't change anything. Some classes were great no matter what, and others weren't. I now just plan for about 15 minutes on Fridays for PAT, and if we have time for it (or even extra time) because I didn't have to spend time managing behaviors during the week, great! And if not, we just finish up whatever still needs to get done.)

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