Oh my word this song is so wonderful! It makes my heart happy. One of my students recommended it to me yesterday, and–as always with their recommendations–I made a note and said that I would check it out to make sure that it was rated PG or lower. And surprise, surprise, it was! The song is obviously familiar and innocent, but the video is great too. I love it when I can use my students’ suggestions!

For the lesson, I first asked my students if they were familiar with the song “I Swear” in English. I then explained that we were going to listen to a Spanish bachata version sung by a group named “Voz a Voz”. We read the biography (circling, personalizing, checking for understanding), then I played the video. Afterward, I passed out the lyrics sheet and we reviewed the meanings of the words at the bottom. We listened to the song twice more while students filled in the blanks, then went over the answers and decoded the lyrics. Finally, we listened to the song one more time and tried our best to imitate the sweet dance moves (an interesting sight seeing as my pregnant belly is getting quite large!).

Lyrics sheetI Swear lyrics (For the listening activity, I removed all present tense, first person singular verbs and left space for you to give translations to the students if needed)

Update! I love this song so much that I just had to spend more class time working with it. Click on the image to download complete 3-4 day lesson plans that target the future tense; I used the activities and readings in Spanish 2:

Click on image to access lesson plans
Click on image to access lesson plans

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  1. Thank you very much for the support. On behalf of Voz a Voz (Gio, David and myself), Thank you and God bless you. Please tell your students we said hello and to always stay possitive, focused and never lose faith in their dreams!

    Ronny Mercedes(Vocalist of Voz a Voz)

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