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December 5, 2011

A little PQA idea for "se despierta" (s/he wakes up) and "huele" (s/he smells). It's also a good time to review "se duerme" (s/he goes to sleep). Begin by having students fold a paper hot-dog style (that's the long way, folks) and draw a series of three pictures:

  1. Write down a whole number between 1 and 12.
  2. Draw a sun or a moon.
  3. Draw something you don't like.

This will be your PQA prop. Begin by choosing a student and saying that that student wakes up at whatever time s/he wrote down (8 + sun = 8am; 2 + moon = 2 p.m.). Depending on the time, you may have to figure out why s/he was sleeping to begin with (2pm is during Spanish class--eek!!). The reason that s/he wakes up is because s/he smells the thing that s/he doesn't like. The class will need to figure out the rest of the details. For example, Trevor goes to sleep at 9pm and wakes up at 1:00am because he smells spaghetti. He smells spaghetti because his arch-nemesis Kisha threw it through his window as an evil joke. He wants to chase her but he's afraid that she has more spaghetti, so instead he waits until Monday and puts peanut butter in her locker. (She's allergic to peanut butter.)

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