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Mimes in Caracas

February 20, 2012

Authorities in Caracas, Venezuela developed a very...interesting...solution to their traffic problem (actually, they copied it from Bogota, Colombia, but that's beside the point). I wrote this article to use as a reading and discussion activity for my Spanish II's. It works well with El Nuevo Houdini, since the verb "to drive" and the driving theme is so central to that fantastic novel. (I highly recommend the novel and the Teacher's Guide!) In particular, it fits in well with Chapter 5, since the Teacher's Guide already has a reading about driving (in Mexico City, though). There are some vocabulary-based questions for students to answer while reading, in order to help them determine the meaning of some of the terms on their own, several comprehension questions (all four QAR are included), and a bunch of discussion questions for you to use after students have read the article.

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