This song is a cover of the Jesse & Joy original, but I prefer using this one because it is more upbeat and, most importantly, the Jesse & Joy video is not appropriate to show at school (sex scene at the beginning (albeit mild) and gambling/drinking/smoking). I’d recommend checking out the Jesse & Joy version on your own time; it is a beautiful song! But for class…use this one.

Click here to download a lyrics sheet that I created for the song. It contains a little background about Cumbia, the band, and pictures of two agapornis (lovebirds). I taught the song during my «Camina o corre» Unit.

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  1. Martina,
    I tried teaching this song today to my level 1s (I’m following your curriculum map). Looking back, I think I should have better explained that they wouldn’t understand the majority of the words, but to try to follow the sounds and fill in the blanks. As soon as the lyrics began, students gave up and then got a little chatty and giggly. I’ll admit, classroom management is not my forte and it’s something I’m working on, but how do you get the students to appreciate songs that are advanced beyond their level? I sort of felt like it was a waste of time for us. I’m hoping you could shed some light here…

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