I’ve been way behind on my posting lately (probably because I’m pregnant again and all I want to do is sleep!!), so this is probably coming after most of you are way past this vocabulary. Save it for next year, I guess! Here are the plans that I used to teach the story La Universidad. After the storyasking phase, we did some cultural exploration to learn about universities in Spanish-speaking countries via a reading and a webquest. Hope it is still useful for someone out there this year!

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  1. ¡No que va! Uso una extensión en google chorme (Pixlr Grabber) que al pausar el vídeo captura la imagen y la guarda en tu computadora. Luego manipulo las fotos en diferentes actividades. (Este es el enlace que uso para los collages http://www.fotor.com/)

  2. I found this video that I am using with your unit. I wrote a brief Spanish introduction about the interviewer and the questions she was going to ask. Then we stopped to talk about the first few people she interviewed and their answers. I didn’t have them compare all the people because there are so many. It was fun to see what people do, why they choose that profession and what they would be if they didn’t have their current career.


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