Creative Presentation Ideas

I think that most of you have already experienced the sweet bliss of the last day of school. You’ve probably breathed a huge sigh of relief, maybe shed a few tears (of joy or sorrow–perhaps both!), and hopefully taken a nice, long nap.

Now…time to start planning for the fall!

I’ve been trying to put all the time that I spend parked on the couch nursing my one-month-old to good use organizing and reviewing my Pinterest boards. I originally had just one board, titled “Español” for all of the ideas that I found that were related to teaching. With 300 pins, I realized that I needed some organization: categorization. So that’s what I’ve been working on, and that led me to the creation of this compilation document. (Click on the link to download the PDF with links to blog posts that include detailed explanations of all the ideas; the image below is just a JPEG.)

Creative Project Ideas

These presentations could be used at any point during the year as a way for students to present on any topic, book, or story from class. Most of the ideas could be modified to be used with an entire book or a single character or scene. Each one could be used as a prop for an oral presentation (done formally to the class or to the teacher or informally as a simultaneous presentation), and many could be simply on display in the classroom or at a special event, like Open House or Conferences. I am most excited about getting all of these ideas together so that I have them at my fingertips for when we finish novels and I want to assign a cumulative project!

If you end up using any of these ideas and create a guidelines/rubric document, would you mind to share it with me? Just email it to I’d love to add links to your documents on this page so that other teachers can use and modify them to meet their needs, as well!!

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