I used a Jigsaw Puzzle (“an impossible puzzle”) to review first quarter vocabulary with my students. (They got through El amigo simpático–if you are following my curriculum map, use this puzzle after you’ve finished that story to ensure that your students know all of the terms. Click here to download the puzzle–free!

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  1. Love this background!! The theme for your website this time around has been my favorite so far. Love it.


  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for this great resource! I love using magic squares. I always label each bag with “Ch 5 Jigsaw #1” and then number each card in that set with a #1 on the back, in case one gets lost we know where it belongs!

    There are many possibilities for adaptations and extensions. You could create a writing activity (use 3 of the sentences and create an original story) Or in this case, have students translate all of them when they finish.

    Thanks, again, Martina!

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