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November Giveaway

November 9, 2013

November is racing along, and so it is high time that I post this month's giveaway, don't you think? This month, we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and so our theme for this giveaway is going to be thankfulness. Nothing original, of course, but I hope that it will be a good way to share some resources with each other! To enter this giveaway, you must leave a comment with YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and one language teaching resource (with a link included, if possible) for which you are thankful. You are not allowed to say that you are thankful for my blog, because anyone reading your comment will already have the link to it :) So what is the giveaway, anyway? Something for which I have been very thankful--a cheap, quality Doc Cam! At my former school, I got so used to using my document camera--a super fancy one made by Promethean--that I could not imagine teaching without it once I started at BCS this fall! But since it is such a small school, they did not have the budget to purchase one for my classroom. I could have put up a proposal on, but that would have taken time and effort, so I just popped onto and ordered an IPEVO Point 2 View. 01 It has worked very well for me, and so November's lucky winner will win one for themselves! I will have it shipped to you provided you live in the US. If you are outside the US, you will be responsible for paying for shipping and handling. So let's hear it! Leave your email address (so that I can notify you if you win) and a teaching resource for which you are thankful! **Only World Language and ELL teachers are eligible to win this giveaway. Entries must be received by midnight AKST on November 30**

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