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Announcing...the Christmas Giveaway!

December 7, 2013

Thank you to November's winner, Kristin Duncan, for responding to my HELP! Tweet about ideas for the December giveaway. Thanks to her brilliant mind, I am very excited to announce that this month, one of my lucky readers will win a year-long subscription to I blogged about this awesome resource back in 2012, and since then the website has undergone several changes. It has become subscription-based, and it has added many new features--including the ability to design and print worksheets! I still hold to my assertion that it is the best Web 2.0 tool for comprehensible input classrooms!!

So to enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment in which you describe your current favorite reading activity--any activity that you use to get students to work with a text for the first time, for repeat reads to provide additional repetitions of structures, to dig deeper, or to support Common Core standards in your classroom (sigh). I will announce the winner early in January (we will be traveling home to NY for the holidays, so I'm not sure how timely the post will be).

I look forward to reading what you are using to get your students reading in your classrooms!

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