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April 29, 2014

Today, I reached a sales benchmark on TpT that I never would have thought within reach. I cannot express to you how much it means to me and to my family that you choose to purchase my lesson plans and activities. With yet another son on the way (three boys in three years! Ay ay ay!), I am so grateful that I can stay home full-time. My husband is a Realtor, and although he is very successful, we have no guaranteed income from month to month. Consequently, the decision for me to stay home was not an easy one. You have made my life-long dream a reality! I try to honor your support by never charging more for something than what I need to receive an 'hourly wage' for the time that it takes me to create it that justifies working from home instead of outside the home. To thank everyone, I'm throwing a 20 percent off storewide sale for the rest of the day today and tomorrow. I'll also be sharing several new free resources before the end of the week. Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart!!  And thank you Jesus for Your provision and faithful answer to prayer!!!! Martina

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