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Sound Effects AUDITION for Read-Alouds

February 25, 2015

CC-BY 2015 Môsieur J. [version 9.1]

Katie Sevilla just sent me an email describing an awesome twist that she made to the Sound Effects Read-Aloud activity that I described in this post. Before beginning Chapter 1 of Esperanza, she had her students audition to be the student that provided each of the sound effects during the reading! I love this idea so much! She used three sound effects: "la bebé llora”, “el teléfono suena” and “la persona misteriosa respira / respiración".

By running the auditions in the target language, you will get loads of repetitions of the target structures even before reading the first word on the page, and your students will be rolling on the floor laughing (well, as long as you have a few dramatic kiddos among the bunch!). Thanks for sharing, Katie!

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