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Win a FREE registration to iFLT 2015!

April 4, 2015

Whether you are still unsure what the acronyms TPRS® and CI stand for or you have self-identified as a TPRS®/CI teacher for years, iFLT and NTPRS are two conferences that you don't want to miss. Both take place in July: NTPRS is in Washington, D.C., and iFLT is in St. Paul, MN. As promised, I am giving away a FREE registration to this summer's iFLT because The Comprehensible Classroom reached 1000 "Likes" on Facebook. Valued at $389, the winner will still be responsible for his or her own transportation and lodging. Click here to read the instructions for entering (they are in the top post on the Page). I only ask that you don't enter if your school is willing to fund all or part of your trip with Professional Development monies. You have until Sunday night to enter!!

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