I’ve been on a mission to reduce the number of emails in my “to-do” folder. This evening, it brought me to an email from about three years ago that included the French translation of the first logic puzzle that I shared on the blog. You may recall that I love, love, love doing logic puzzles, and perhaps you have some students that do as well! I have found that they are an excellent way to get in many repetitions of target structures because students must read and re-read the clues so very many times in order to solve the puzzle. Click here to see the different puzzles that I’ve created in Spanish, and click here to download a puzzle in French! Thank you so much to Karima Mann for translating it to share on the blog, and I am so sorry that it took me this long to post it!! The French puzzle targets the structures ‘porte’, ‘a’, ‘aime’, and colors. (If you see any mistakes, email me straight away! It is quite likely that I mistyped something that Karima translated for me since I am not fluent in French!)

Click on the image to download the puzzle:

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  1. Hi Martina!Wonderful French Logic Puzzle!  I hope to use this one as a guide for making some myself.  One correction and one suggestion:- crayon noir (noir = masculin, noire = féminin)- I would just use the term “élève” instead of switching to “étudiant”.  They both mean student, but “étudiant” is used more often to refer to university students.Merci beaucoup!Cara

  2. It should be “crayon jaune” not “crayone jaune” at the bottom of the chart.

    Thank you for posting this; now, could you please provide hints or links for help in solving these types of puzzles, for those of us who are logically challenged? Merci!

  3. It’s a great alternative. I have done this for years with my Japanese 12 class – a ‘family’ logic puzzle that that, as bonus in Japanese which I teach reinforces Chinese characters. I got a book of puzzles and just converted them. My Yr 4’s are also asked to ‘solve’ in Japanese – that is keep their discussion of the puzzle in the TL – it’s a great way to review conjecture, guessing, opinions and giving reasons! Now that I write this – why am I not doing more?!

    1. Well it is not always easy to find comprehensible logic puzzles for students because the vocabulary CAN be quite varied. The best way to ensure comprehensibility is to make them yourself, but it takes a good bit of time to create them!!

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