I’ve been compiling resources for Robo en la noche on my Robo en la noche board on Pinterest, and in an effort to successfully pin the link to Sharon Birch‘s amazing Wiki page (“it has no pinnable images”), I am going to post the link HERE and then pin THIS post to my Pinterest board! Ha! There’s probably a better way to go about it, but I sure as heck can’t figure it out.

Click on image to access Sharon’s resources. Enter “Robo” in the search field to see everything she has!

So…if you are looking for lots of great resources for teaching the novel Robo en la noche by Kristy Placido–including formal lesson plans–then follow this link over to Sharon Birch’s Wiki. If you’re having trouble finding the resources specifically for Robo en la noche or if you keep getting a “restricted access” message like I did, simply type “robo” in the search bar. All of the resources will pop up in the search results.

Not sure what Robo en la noche is? It’s a high-interest novel for Spanish students (although there is a French version available, too!) that includes past and present tense versions of the story in the same book. Set in Costa Rica, it will help you to learn about ticos and illegal bird trading! The vocabulary is very basic, and while I never had the chance to use it with my students, they could have easily read the present tense version after Unit 25 of my Spanish 1 curriculum (although, truly, much earlier…you’d just have to spot teach a few structures). It would make for a great read at the end of Spanish 1 or the beginning of Spanish 2 if your curriculum focuses on high frequency structures. Otherwise, it fits well into environmental units or units about Costa Rica. Of course, if your curriculum is already full, you could always buy a handful of copies and add them to your class FVR library. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Mike Peto’s most recent post with advice for developing an FVR program–it’s awesome!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am currently prepping my Spanish 1 students for Brandon Brown quiere un perro (I just received the Teacher’s Guide in the mail yesterday… awesome job putting that together, by the way!), and I am considering using Robo en la noche next semester!

    As for your pinning issue, whenever I come across a site that doesn’t have “pinnable” images, I take a screenshot of the website, upload the screenshot to Pinterest, and then you can view your pin and edit it to include a link to the website. Does that make sense?

    Thanks again for the resources!

  2. Martina, thank you again for including me in your wonderful blog. Here is the direct link to my Robo page: http://elmundodebirch.wikispaces.com/Robo+en+la+Noche The page loads from the end of the book at the top of the page….the first part of the book/beginning work is at the bottom of the page. There is also a table of contents on the right side of the page. Essentially what this page contains is the framework for what I intended to cover each day, with resources. Thanks again. You are an inspiration for so many of us!!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon! That link works much better! All these solutions that are way easier than what I did to get it to pin 😉 Well worth it for all the work you put into gathering those resources, though! THANK YOU!

    2. When I click on Sharon’s link (btw- Thanks, Sharon!!), it takes me to her wikispace, but won’t let me see any of her resources. It says I have to request permission to see the page, which I did a while ago. Any suggestions?

  3. Martina and Sharon — thank you! I come to search here for ideas about teaching novels before anywhere else, and thanks to my Spanish colleagues for their constant immersion with me (haha) I understand enough to be able to figure things out for my French classes. I wish that you had a Somos curriculum in French as well! I’d buy it all in a heartbeat. Thanks yet again for the inspiration to keep making baby steps toward proficiency.

    1. I am very, very slowly working toward it…only the first five units are available but hopefully I will get a bunch more done before the start of the school year. Wishful thinking probably…

  4. It looks like the wikipages website is no longer available. Is there an updated link somewhere? Looking to teach Robo en la noche to my Spanish 2s!

    1. Yes, unfortunately Wikipages was shut down due to lack of funding 🙁 I recommend connecting with Sharon Birch via facebook!

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