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She is here!

February 10, 2016

Our daughter was born on Saturday! Thank you to everyone that emailed me and messaged me over the last few weeks to say that you were praying for and thinking of me as we anticipated her arrival. It is so special to have support and encouragement from people that I have never even met! "Millie" is named after my grandmothers, and her full name means “the Lord has made me strong and His grace has made me gentle”. We pray that she will demonstrate her strength through her love for the Lord and her love for others. We are home, and her brothers agree that “she is so cute!” My blogging and emailing will be limited to what I can do with one hand on my phone while nursing for the next few months. I'll be spending the rest of my time loving on my boys and snuggling this sweet, scandalous miracle!

That spot on my neck? Leftovers from Millie's first poop. Keepin' it real...

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