From time to time, Maris Hawkins puts together and shares Noticias (news summaries) on her blog. Her noticias are GREAT because they provide comprehensible reading material to students that they can choose to review during Free Voluntary Reading or that the teacher can use as a starting point for class discussion on current events or broader discussion of cultural topics. I believe that these Noticias are so valuable that I am jumping in on her efforts! This was a last minute thing today so I only included two stories and one photo gallery in today’s news (well, it’s dated tomorrow): Remembering 11-M, the assassination of Berta Cáceres, and International Women’s Day. My favorite way to get news in Spanish is by following various Spanish-speaking news outlets on Facebook and Twitter! I save or bookmark the pages to reference and comprehrensify them later on. I can also print out the original, #authres, articles for students in upper levels. My lower level students can look at them, too, but there is greater value in reading a comprehensible summary of an #authres news article than in hunting and pecking to find key details in the authentic article itself. Read more about that here.

Click on the image to download the Noticias!

Have a news story that you want me to comprehrensify? Tweet the link to the article (Spanish or English) to @martinabex or post it on The Comprehensible Classroom’s facebook timeline!

Click here to find more printable readings to add to your class library.

7 replies on “Noticias – El 11 de marzo de 2016

  1. I LOVE this!!! So glad!!! What platform did you use to create it? I use LucidPress, but our tech coordinator got me a subscription. It looks great!

  2. Hi, I love this and all good ways to incorporate more authentic reading in class. I have always heard though, that you should “change the task, not the text” for different levels. What do you think about that philosophy?

    1. If you are teaching survival skills, yes. And I think it’s fine and perhaps valuable to do that occasionally, in small doses. But I’d rather change the text so that it is at i+1 for my students so that class time is spent increasing proficiency so that they don’t have to employ as many ‘survival skills’ when they are in the target culture because they’ll be able to function proficiently.

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