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What I've been working on lately

March 23, 2016

As most of you know, I'm not teaching at this phase of my life..although I will be teaching for a few hours on one day in a couple weeks for the annual Kids 2 College program...I'm saving up my energy already! Teaching is exhausting!! Since Millie joined the family six weeks ago, time for me to work on projects (my favorite hobby--lesson planning!) has been limited, but I've gotten together a few new things for y'all to use. Some are things that I used while teaching, and some are brand new. The Gemelos/Jumeaux game, for example, was inspired by the...oh...323405822034895 times a day that I play Spot It! with my four year old. I used La quiero a morir in my classes after a heritage student suggested it to me, and I filled out the plans that I used to use with some new activities to comprehens-ify it even further. All of the resources below are paid, but if money is tight make sure to check out the 70+ free resources in my TpT store (just sort by price: ascending) or wade through the blog archives--it's Spring Break, after all!

In other news...if you are still looking for a way to find funding for iFLT this summer in Chattanooga, make sure to enter the giveaway for a free registration on the CI Peek blog! Click here for instructions.

Weekly news summaries in Spanish for Spanish studentsThese 3 page news summaries will be available for you to use every Monday morning! Use for FVR, cultural lessons, or class discussion.
Isla de basura readings in Spanish with #authres video activityA two-level embedded reading with #authres listening activity about the GIANT island made of trash in the northern Pacific Ocean
La quiero a morir - song activities for Spanish classOne of my favorite songs ever! Multiple activities included to comprehens-ify this salsa anthem!
Teach your Spanish students about José Mujica, former president of Uruguay who donated 90 percent of his salary to charityMultiple readings and #authres activity to learn about José Mujica, former president of Uruguay, who donated 90 percent of his salary to charity
GEMELOS modeled after SPOT IT, practice numbers in SpanishNot CI but super fun! Just like the game "Spot it!", this game will help your students to practice (not acquire) numbers 1-31
JUMEAUX ! Play SPOT IT in French to learn numbers 1-31...and oh yes! It's in French, too!
Learn about the story of Jennifer Bricker in Spanish!Born without legs, Jennifer Bricker was adopted. She became a tumbling champion, inspired by an Olympic athlete who she later discovered to be her biological sister! Truth is stranger than fiction!
Four leveled readings about Diego Maradona in SpanishDiego Maradona is an Argentinian hero with an extremely controversial past--soccer, drugs, the mob...he's got it all! 

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