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Breakout activity in Spanish for BreakoutEDU newbies

January 9, 2017

You probably have a list a mile long of new things that you want to try this semester. Is BreakoutEDU on your list? Whether Santa brought you breakout box supplies or you are still waiting in queue for your official BreakoutEDU box to arrive...or whether you are just hearing about this for the first time...I have the perfect first BreakoutEDU activity for your students!!

One brave teacher in the Breakout EDU for Language Acquisition Driven Instruction Facebook group (JOIN IT! JOIN IT!) voiced the concern that some of the clues she had seen were nearly impossible for students to figure out, not having any prior breakout experience! (My Cuba o casa breakout activity is REALLY hard!) It is true that our threshold of clue complexity increases as we are exposed to more and more clue types and learn what kinds of information to be looking for in order to piece together combinations for the five basic BreakoutEDU lock types. Why not start with simple clues to get students' feet wet and figure out the basic rhythm of a BreakoutEDU activity?

To that end, I give you "UN ESCAPE CON ABUELA": the simplest of simple breakouts (as far as clues are concerned). It is all in Spanish, and it is written with high frequency vocabulary from the first five units of my Spanish 1 curriculum, so it should be SUPER EASY to tackle, even early on in the year! It will prepare your students well for many years of fantástico Spanish breakouts in the future. And by golly, I still can't bring myself to charge you for these darn breakouts. BreakoutEDU is fun; paying for Breakouts isn't! It is free for now...until my husband finds out that I just spent all day creating a free product ;-)

Love you guys, happy back-to-school!

Click on the image to download the Escape con abuela BreakoutEDU activity!

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