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Paloma Blanca: The WINNERS!

May 15, 2017

The results are in!

Thank you SO MUCH to each of the 18 teachers that invested their time and energy into submitting video remakes for the Paloma Blanca video competition. Truly, the videos are AMAZING (in a terrible, wonderful way). If nothing less, your students will have a wonderful memory from Spanish class this year ;-).

In case you missed the last post, here is the playlist of all 18 videos:

But there can be only three winners. I background-checked all of the votes to confirm that they were submitted by language teachers, and I only had to throw out a couple bogus ones. Each first place vote received 3 points, second place votes received 2 points, and third place votes received 1 point. I added the total points, and the final totals were very close. Please do take the time to watch some of the other videos, since there are some real 'gems' in there that missed the Top 3 by just a point or two.

Without further ado, here are the results....

Candice Mayo's class submitted this very interesting video:

My favorite parts are the flying first aid dummy, singing Hulk, the human dove, the swimsuit clothesline scene, and the macarena finale. Truly, a work of art and well deserving of third prize! Candice will receive a $25.00 TpT gift card and her class will receive $25.00 toward a class party to celebrate!

Emily Huff's Spanish 3 class, in second place, submitted one of the most high tech videos of the competition, with some magical green screen action going on:

The highlights of this video, for me, are gold pants boy, the chest hair wig, the sparkle sweater trio, and the moment that I realized that the golden girls were not wearing wrap-around gold dresses. Emily will receive a $25 TpT gift card and her class will receive $50 toward a class party.

And the winner is....

Paloma blanca video competition first prize spanish classThe first scene of this video leaves you thinking that it will be be just a normal video. It is not:

The amount of rehearsal that must have gone into this video is RIDICULOUS. They were able to very closely replicate the action of the original music video. I love the singing pirate, and I am so impressed with the height that they achieved when tossing ponytail girl into the air! Plus, the doves scene. I thought they were real at first but now I'm thinking that they were toys. Very, very impressive guys! Michelle will receive a class set of novels from Fluency Matters and $100 toward a class party!

Congratulations to all!!

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