I have a friend that teaches Spanish in Colorado Springs. I won’t name her because I can’t be certain that she is not the subject of the criminal investigation that is ongoing in her town. But you know who you are, Julie.

Anyway, I read about this story when a friend of that friend that I won’t name shared this article on her Facebook wall. Since I, like my 3 year old son, love a good poop story (Popocalipsis, anyone?), I had to write it up right away. With the help of some of my best Spanish teacher buddies, I settled on Carrie Toth‘s name “Correcaca” for this gem of a citizen and voilà ! Some end of the week fun for your Spanish class:

Please note that the story is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 so that you can use and adapt the materials provided that you share them at no cost with the same license.

*Since I posted this story, it has been brought to my attention that mental illness has not been ruled out as a factor in this case. Please be conscious when using this story of any students in your class that are dealing with mental illness personally or in their family. Also, I would encourage you to not refer to her as ‘crazy’ until authorities identify the woman and we can confidently say that she is not mentally ill; just a victim of runner’s bowel syndrome with poor discretion 😉 Mental illness is a very serious and very sensitive issue and we want to model that discretion to our students.


10 replies on “La Correcaca de Colorado Springs: current events in Spanish!

  1. I LOVE this!! Thank you Martina!

    (And as a runner, I can identify with this poor women (la correcaca)… sometimes this happens, but fortunately, I live near lots of forest!)

  2. This is a perfect intro for a Spanish one class to comprehensible input. My classes are mostly boys right now.

  3. I saw this story and I thought to myself, “This has Martina’s name written all over it…” 😉 Then I’m in the teacher’s lounge and one of my Spanish-teaching colleagues comes in to tell me about it. I must be psychic!

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