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March 1 issue of LITERAL Spanish e-zine

March 4, 2018

The March 1 issue of LITERAL is finally ready for download!! We spent Thursday in the ER (me and all five kids...). Once I get off schedule with work, it's hard to get back on track! (Grading, anyone?! I'm sure you can relate!)

Anyway--we had more than 50 submissions to LITERAL this month!! There are so many great stories that I will be publishing more on the website itself as the month continues.

Please remind your students that ideal stories are SHORT and FICTITIOUS. While I have enjoyed and been impressed by your students' accounts of what they did over the weekend, what their families are like, or what they are hoping to do upon graduation; this magazine isn't the place to publish those writing pieces.

Please also encourage your students to subscribe to Revista Literal on the website itself so that they can access the readings from their devices as they are published!

Revista Literal is a free e-zine for Spanish students, by Spanish students and published by The Comprehensible Classroom

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