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Practical advice for classroom management

September 16, 2018

You have done your research and planned your year with lessons and activities that are guaranteed to help your students make forward progress on the path to proficiency. Your planned lessons are input-rich and you know how to keep it comprehensible. You can't fail! ...except, you are failing. You're a few days in...a few weeks in maybe...and you can see that you are headed for sheer misery by May. None of your well-laid plans are working, and you find yourself ready to raise the white flag and return to the familiar structure of the textbook and all of the easy-to-manage activities that come with it.


You need to learn how to manage your class. If you are anything like me, classroom management was never your forte. Pen-and-paper, highly structured activities that accompanied traditional language teaching masked my lack of skills--but as soon as I switched to comprehension based teaching, my deficits were exposed. Comprehension based teaching relies heavily on whole-class conversation and student input. The same compelling topics that have your students sitting on the edge of their seats are the ones that will leave you crying at the end of the day because your students couldn't contain their emotions and reactions and you didn't know how to make them. You need a simple, proven system that you can implement now, before it's too late.

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Learn practical tips for managing your comprehension based language classes from Jon Cowart I first met Jon Cowart at iFLT 2014 in Denver. My first impression of Jon was that he was determined to be really, really good at what he did. Jon is a Teach for America alumnus ('10) who found his place in the world working with urban high schoolers in Memphis. Jon's determination to effectively reach and teach his students has catapulted him to a leadership position in his district and a sought-after presenter at conferences around the country.

Read Jon's guest post on teaching languages in urban classrooms!

This week, Jon is partnering with Fluency Matters to offer a two-part webinar series on keys to successful classroom management. They are tried and proven in an urban setting--which means that they will work in ANY setting.

See how Jon's advice impacted Cécile Lainé's elementary classroom last year!

Jon has practical advice based on insights into student behaviors that all of us experience but never consciously process. His strategies are easy to implement and don’t require any great feats of human ability or personality. Jon has a very long, very consistent track record of success in a challenging classroom environment. Whenever a SOMOS teacher is struggling with management, Jon is the first place I

Learn how to successfully manage your classes this year with unlimited 60 day access to this 2-part webinar from Jon Cowart

Learn practical classroom management strategies from Jon this week!

Jon has so much help to offer that this webinar will be a double-header. Watch live on Monday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00pm EDT.

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Please reach out to Fluency Matters to get answers to your questions, or click here to register now!

Why am I pushing this so hard??

I want YOU to thrive this year. I want you to enter your classroom each morning and leave with that same confidence at the end of the day. You can make a difference in your students' lives--but only if they listen to you. I have seen the impact of Jon's mentorship, and I know that attending this webinar is going to equip you for long term success in the classroom! Don't miss this webinar!! Practical, proven classroom management tips for urban educators  

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