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New materials + a great tip!

August 19, 2019

Keep scrolling to see some of the newest additions to our TpT store!

Shop with TpT credits!

Did you know that you can shop TpT with credits earned by leaving feedback?

Every $1 you spend on TpT earns you 1 TpT credit. For every 100 TpT credits, you earn $5 that you can apply toward your next purchase...if you have provided feedback for the purchases.

To leave us a 4-star product rating, visit "My Purchases", then look for "Provide Feedback" under each product listing. Let us know that you were Extremely Satisfied with the resource, give us Straight As, then write something specific that you like about the product!

We L-O-V-E receiving detailed feedback from teachers!

Was the product not what you expected? We appreciate the opportunity to make it right by fixing problems or offering a refund. Reach out to [email protected] if you don't feel comfortable giving the product Straight As!

EMETM is here!

Since the last sale, Maris and I published the first issue of the 2019-2020 subscription to El mundo en tus manos, and the response from readers has been amazing! Teachers are loving our updated formatting and additional resources:

[instagram url= width=600]

If you purchased EMETM on Pre-Order, re-download now to access the first issue. If you have not yet purchased this year's subscription, click here to learn more about it. Order it today!

Pre-Order Nous sommes 1 Unit 9

"Le Loup-garou" is almost finished... and!! Blair Richards and Erin Fell have done an incredible job identifying and exploring cultural connections in this unit!

Get 'Le Loup-garou'!

We have just a few hours of formatting to do before the final proofing. When you purchase now, you will receive a placeholder that will later be replaced with the completed unit.

When the unit is completed, you'll get an email notice to go to your TpT account and re-download the completed materials. Voilà !

Pre-Order Nous sommes Unit 9!

New Collaboration!

We just published a series of resources from our new collaboration with Nelly Hughes of Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop! Nelly is the author of Selena, which is one of Fluency Matters' newest Comprehension Based™ readers. She has also been creating and revising materials for many of the Teacher-Authors and Publishers that you know and trust for many years!

We have collaborated to bring you these five sets of biographies. Each biography is written in Spanish that should be comprehensible to students that perform at Novice High / Intermediate Low. They are printed on a single page and accompanied by a very short comprehension activity, making it easy to add these to your class library as Free Choice Reading materials, to save them for sub days, or to build them into your Fast Finisher system.

Want all 26 biographies? We've made it easy!! Get the bundle!

Instawin Giveaway!

We know that you want all.the.things, and we want to help you get them! TODAY, follow @comprehensibleclassroom on Instagram. We will be giving away FIVE TpT Gift Cards to our followers before midnight tonight!

Each of the FIVE giveaways will be announced either in an Instagram post on our newsfeed OR in one of our stories-- keep checking until late tonight for your chance to win!

Update - The giveaway has ended! Stay tuned for more to come :)

Get a chance to win one of FIVE TpT Gift Cards when you follow @comprehensibleclassroom on Instagram!

Find resources to give you CONFIDENCE.

We specialize in CONFIDENCE. All of our materials contain detailed instructions for implementation that help you try new things in the classroom!

Click here to start building your wish list!

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