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Save - Win - Love: Sale & Giveaway February 4-5!

February 3, 2020

This Tuesday and Wednesday, save up to 25% off ALL teaching resources from The Comprehensible Classroom– including the complete SOMOS Curriculum and El mundo en tus manos subscription - The first huge sale for 2020! 25% off is the largest discount that we can provide, so now is the time to stock up on materials to get you through the spring semester!

Save up to 25% on all purchases made between the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, February 4 and 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, February 5.

All products in our store will be marked down 20% during the sale. Use Promo Code FEBSALE at checkout to receive the FULL 25% discount!

Remember – the sale starts Tuesday, February 4!

Get answers to your questions LIVE tonight!

I (Martina) will be LIVE TONIGHT on The Comprehensible Classroom’s Facebook page - (Monday, February 3) at 8:00pm EST. Whether you have purchasing questions or curriculum questions, I'll help you find the answers you need!

Win a $100 TpT Gift Card!

We are so grateful for your continued trust and support of our resources and training. Sitewide Sales have become a time for us to say thank you to you, by offering the maximum discount possible through TpT and adding in giveaways! Today, we will be giving away FIVE big prizes!


SECOND PRIZE: $100 TpT Gift Card

THIRD PRIZE: 1-year subscription to Garbanzo

FOURTH PRIZE: 2019-2020 subscription to El mundo en tus manos

FIFTH PRIZE: $50 TpT Gift Card

One entry per individual. The winner must be a part-time or full-time current language teacher (ELL, ELE, ASL, World Languages). Winners will be notified via email on or after February 5 and will have 24 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen. If you win the first or fourth prize and have already purchased the resource during the sale, we will issue a refund!

Our materials give you confidence and create connections

We specialize in developing resources that give you the confidence to try new ways of teaching and save you time and brain space for the thing that matters the most: connecting with your students!

With over 600 resources in our store, it can be overwhelming to find what you need. Here’s a shopping list to get you started!


Languages are inextricably linked to their speakers and their cultures. Using Comprehension-based™ methods of language teaching and an orientation toward proficiency, these curricula from The Comprehensible Classroom teach language and culture simultaneously, allowing language students the opportunity to develop cultural understanding at a depth rarely achieved in beginning language courses. 

Learn more about the SOMOS Curriculum here!

The SOMOS Curriculum

The SOMOS Curriculum is a Comprehension-based™, proficiency-oriented curriculum for beginning language classes. SOMOS gives you suggested daily, step-by-step instructions so that you can focus on developing the techniques that make this way of teaching so effective. If you are experienced in Comprehension-based™ methods of teaching, incorporate SOMOS’ culture-rich materials into your instruction, adding in your own unique flair.


See a detailed overview of all SOMOS 1 units.

“I was almost ready to give up teaching before I found SOMOS. It was definitely a life changer for me! Before SOMOS I felt like I was just trying to force feed my students information for a quiz or test. [...] It frustrated me enough to want to quit, then I found Martina’s blog and started reading more about CI and TPRS and it just clicked, for me and my students. Having a CI friendly school is always a bonus, but both schools I’ve used SOMOS at didn’t even know what CI was until I taught using it there. Now they are believers of it too!”



View the curriculum map and more.

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can save on today! If you still need convincing, read more testimonials here!

Nous sommes

NOUS SOMMES is a Comprehension-based™, culture-rich curriculum that is adapted from SOMOS. Over the last year, our existing units have undergone EXTENSIVE proffing, revision, expansion, and reformatting. The first 7 units of Level 1 are available in a discounted bundle purchase, and units 8 and 9 are available as well!


El mundo en tus manos is a bi-weekly news publication, written by Martina Bex and Maris Hawkins and proofed by Nelly Hughes, that connects students with comprehensible news summaries from Spanish speaking countries. We are now in our FIFTH year of publication!

Each edition in this year's subscription features five news stories (each written at 3 levels of complexity); projectable, editable slideshow versions of each article, printable reading activities for each article, whole-class activities, and recommended authentic resources.


Whether you are all-in with a Comprehension-based program or trying to embed communicative activities in your traditional textbook program, these building blocks will give you the structure you need to create your dream program!

Grammar in Context

This bundle includes 19 Grammar In Context lessons intended for students in Spanish Levels 1 and 2.

All lessons feature brief guided notes in English followed by at least one Spanish-language reading that includes many instances of the pattern at hand plus activities that draw students’ attention to the role it plays in creating meaning. View all products included in this bundle.

Comprehension-Based Starter Pack

For Spanish

When teachers make the switch to Comprehension-based™ methods of language instruction instead of traditional grammar-and-vocabulary driven lessons, they need a new ‘wardrobe’! Out with the old worksheets and systems, and in with the new! If you are preparing to make this switch, this bundle is for you!

Hoy en la historia

These slides can be used as a Brain Break tournament, a Bellringer, a Bulletin Board, or Free Reading material for your classes.

Each slide describes four events: three events that happened on that day in history, and one event that is fictitious. All events are written in simple Spanish. Students should read all four events and then guess which one is the “Intruder”; the event that contains a factual error.


These 16 fully customizable station templates are designed for proficiency-oriented, comprehension based language classes. Ready for you to edit in Google Slides!


Each bundle in our store already carries a discount over the purchase of the individual products included, ranging from 5% to 30%. Add that to the 25% sale savings, and you'll quickly see why shopping BUNDLES is the best place to start during Sitewide Sales!

No-prep sub plans

This product includes 21 print-ready storyboards with teacher instructions and student activities that you can use for no-prep sub plans.

Novice High+ Biographies

This bundle includes five sets of themed biographies written in Novice High to Intermediate Low Spanish, for a total of 26 biographies.

Fast Finishers

Learn how to create a Fast Finisher system for your classroom!


Keep photocopies of these Textivities handy to turn any text into an assignment, or use the choice board for differentiated learning!


Language students love crooning to catchy tunes, and we specialize in putting together step-by-step lesson plans and song resources to milk these top hits for communicatively embedded input!

Lessons for springtime occasions

This Sitewide Sale will likely be your last chance to save up to 25% until May! Stock up now on resources to explore and celebrate important dates and events in the coming months!

Semana Santa

Lesson plans for all things Semana Santa!


This bundle includes a range of materials that will help you to share with your students the beautiful diversity of afrolatino individuals and communities worldwide.

Cinco de Mayo

These Cinco de Mayo lesson plans for Spanish classes include everything that you need to tackle this misunderstood holiday with your Spanish students.

Eres tú + Eurovision

Eres tú is an original song written for the 1973 Eurovision contest and originally performed by the Spanish group Mocedades. Use it leading up to the May Eurovision contest!

Consistent Sale Favorites

Curious how others are spending their money? We have looked at our past sales reports and gathered a list of “Top Sale Picks” to share with you! Besides some of the other products listed in the categories above (like Complete SOMOS Curriculum Packages), here are some others:

The Unfair Game

If you’ve never heard of it, click here to learn how to play!

La persona especial / Estrella del día

This set of 50+ questions is the perfect for starting with La Persona Especial in your classes today!

Printable Storybooks

Print and add several copies of these easy-to-understand storybooks to your Spanish class library!

5 fábulas de Esopo

Each fable is written in the past tense in simple language, featuring common verbs and with footnotes to support comprehension of less-high frequency vocabulary.

First time on sale!

All of these products are new since the last sale! This is your first opportunity to purchase the following items at sale price (up to 25% off with PROMO Code: CYBER19)!

Diario de gratitud - Gratitude journal for Spanish class

Start class each day in November talking about what you are grateful for! Each day focuses on a different kind of thing to be grateful for.

Lugares de miedo // Sub Plans BUNDLE

All activities can be completed independently with a non-Spanish speaking sub.

Nochevieja / New Year's in Spanish: 12 uvas, 12 deseos

Support your students in expressing their goals for the new year!

El Día de los Reyes Magos simple reading and glyph

Students read a one-page passage in Spanish about el Día de los Reyes Magos and then complete a page of comprehension questions and a glyph.

EDITABLE SYLLABUS for World Language courses

Use this editable doodle syllabus to let your students and their parents know what to expect from your World Language course!

Preguntas locas: 75 random questions to discuss in class!

You've connected with your students through Special Person Interviews and you're up-to-date on their lives, thanks to Weekend Chat... but that's all seeming a bit...boring.

Time for WACKY CHAT!

$5 and Under

Some of these popular lower ticket items are nice to throw into your cart before checkout to squeeze all the pennies out of this Super Cyber Sale!

SIDE NOTE: Earn your feedback credits! Every time you make a purchase on TpT, you are offered the chance to rate your purchase. Rating is quick, easy and gives you credits toward future purchases, lowering the cost of the materials you want to buy!

One Word Images

The OWI Imagination Lab is designed to support teachers in learning how to create a One Word Image (OWI) with their classes.

Zombie Sub Plans

We also have it in FRENCH!

“Muévete si” interactive game

Muévete si…” is a popular icebreaker game that is often used in language classes as a way to get students up, moving, and using the language!

La Llorona readings + activities

Two versions of all materials (reading, sentence building, sequencing) are included: one in present tense and one in past tense.

EDITABLE sub plan template

This product contains EDITABLE storyboards and task forms for Spanish classes.

Brain Breaks 

Make quick brain breaks a regular part of your classes with these 20 Brain Breaks!

Spanish cognates – 32 reading task cards about animals

Each task card in this set of 32 features a short reading in Spanish about an animal. These are perfect for the first weeks of Spanish 1 or for an exploratory Spanish class!


Sale runs Tuesday AND Wednesday, and ends at 11:59 PM EST. It is important to use the code FEBSALE when you check out to get the full discounts available!

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