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Bonus sale... AGAIN! Save up to 25% on Digital Resources for Spanish 1 and 2

September 14, 2020

It's September, and you have ANOTHER chance to save up to 25% on all of our resources for Spanish 1 and 2. Now that teachers are back to school and know exactly what kinds of resources they need to survive or thrive this fall, Teachers Pay Teachers has decided to throw their first-ever September Sitewide sale. On Tuesday, September 15, you can save up to 25% with code EXTRABONUS at checkout on digital resources for Spanish 1 and 2... and e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. from The Comprehensible Classroom.

Digital curriculum for Spanish 1 + 2

This fall semester is different than any other fall semester, and you are quickly finding out that you can no longer use all of your old favorite resources. Even if your school has returned to full-time classroom instruction, you need to adapt your plans to account for social distancing and limited contact between students and with shared materials. You need new resources for the new challenges you face this fall.

You've got this, and we've got your back.

Remember to use code EXTRABONUS while checking out on Tuesday, September 15

Distance Learning Resources that help now and moving forward.

While Digital Curriculum and Resources are completely essential right now for your Spanish classes, we know that eventually the need will fade. If you are feeling hesitant to invest now in new, digital resources because you won't be using them forever (we hope!), don't worry–everything that we are learning and creating right now will help us in the future. We will have greater flexibility in supporting our students, because we will have more ways to deliver content to them in meaningful ways.

Want a taste of what our materials are like? Click this image to watch a demo lesson and download the FREE lesson plans and resources to implement it this week!

In particular, The Comprehensible Classroom is strategically creating Digital resources in such a way that they will be a beautiful complement to our traditional resources down the road. But for now... digital is life.

Digital Curriculum

Before you can start creating an online course that is uniquely you, you need a foundation. Our Semester 1 Digital Curriculum Bundle is the perfect starting place. Here's why it has earned 65 5-star ratings in the first 6 weeks since its publication:

  • It is all-inclusive. This bundle is not just a collection of useful resources; it provides daily lesson plans so that you don't have to figure out what to do on your own. You can adapt as little or as much as you want; but a clear path is laid out for you so that you can focus on your health and your connection with your students.
  • It is Proficiency oriented, Comprehension-based, and Acquisition driven. You don't have to resort to grammar and vocabulary drills now that you are teaching online: this bundle includes everything you need to keep communicating with your students, every day, in the target language.
  • It includes resources for Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 - since most Spanish teachers teach a little bit of both!
  • It is a GROWING bundle. As we keep adding more digital resources this fall, Bundle owners will receive them at no additional cost. This means that when we publish Digital Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month or Día de Muertos, you will already own them!
  • It features our FLEXible units, which will support your students in the classroom, in asynchronous and synchronous online classes, and even distance learners without Internet access. Learn more about Flex units »

Our Digital Resources are designed for students to complete independently from their devices. These resources are all Google Apps™ based (Docs, Forms, Slides, etc.) and interactive, and they can be used in the Microsoft Teams platform as well.

Click the image to see the Scope and Sequence and detailed Curriculum Map for our Digital and Hybrid resources!

When you invest in Digital Resources from The Comprehensible Classroom, you will receive quality materials that will help you to continue providing your students with input that is highly processable, even when you are out of the classroom. Next year, you can use these same resources for sub days, for students who missed class, and as an ongoing effort to reduce paper use.

Remember - the sale is September 15!

Don't teach Spanish? NO PROBLEM! We've got Digital Resources in French and LATIN!

SOMOS original or SOMOS Digital?

The original SOMOS Curriculum and the Digital Curriculum cover the same scope and sequence, but in different ways and with slightly different content. While the push to create Digital content has been overwhelming, we are very proud to now be able to offer two products that complement each other and that will work beautifully together to provide ultimate flexibility, differentiation, and personalization for you and for your students.

During the sale, you can save 25% with code EXTRABONUS on both the Original Curriculum and the Digital Curriculum. Your school district can also take advantage of the sale prices! For a one-time purchase of less than $1000.00, your district could have everything they need to never spend money on a Spanish textbook adoption ever again.

Learn more about the differences and connections between the Original Curriculum, the Flex bundles, and our other Digital offerings:

After watching the video, try your luck with our Curriculum Matchmaker tool, that will recommend to you which curriculum bundles to purchase! Use the Matchmaker as a starting point for your curriculum purchasing during the sale and beyond:

Knowing what to buy to support you in your specific situation is hard! For that reason, we created this MatchMaker slideshow! Click through to be matched with the curriculum YOU need!

If money is tight, consider purchasing ONLY the Flex Units! See the first bundle here »

El mundo en tus manos is a news subcription for Novice and Intermediate Spanish students.

News subscription for Spanish Levels 1-4

One digital resource that is NOT included in the Semester 1 bundle is the 2020-2021 subscription to El mundo en tus manos. This subscription, which brings you 5 news articles from Spanish-speaking countries bi-weekly, has become an integral component of Spanish courses throughout the country across many levels of Spanish. This year, each issue will be provided in both print-ready and digital formats. Here is what you get:

  • Novice & Intermediate versions of 5 news stories
  • Glossed & unglossed versions of the Intermediate articles
  • 1 comprehension/processing activity for each article (DIGITAL)
  • A projectable slideshow of the text of each article (DIGITAL/PEARDECK READY)
  • Authentic resources to pair with each story
  • Connection/Exploration activities for pre-reading or post-reading

The EMETM team (Maris Hawkins, Nelly Hughes, and myself) research each news story extensively to ensure that we are bringing you accurate, unbiased information that you and your students can use as a starting point for conversation and further learning. We intentionally choose news stories that do not perpetuate racist beliefs about the myriad of cultures that coexist in Latin America, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea, and that represent a diverse range of peoples, practices, products, and perspectives. We also do not shy away from sharing news stories about hard and complex topics that have deep historical contexts. Whenever necessary, we consult with individuals from the places that we write about to ensure that we are sharing authentic perspectives.

During the sale, you can purchase the 2020-2021 subscription to El mundo en tus manos for just $75 (remember to use the coupon code EXTRABONUS to get the full discount!). Add it to your cart now »

a shopping list for digital curriculum resources for Spanish 1 and 2

Fall 2020 Shopping list for Spanish Teachers

To make it super easy for you to fill your cart with what you need quickly (or put together a Purchase Order so that your School can take advantage of the sale prices on your behalf!), here is your shopping list:

These resources will provide you with the gearing that you need to help your students press onward on the path to proficiency, and they will free your brain space so that you can focus on creatively injecting other resources and topics that you love into your time with your students. Speaking of...

Resources you will love

Some of these resources are already on the shopping list and/or included in bundles on the list - but I want to make sure you know about them in case you are focusing on shopping for smaller resources!

Cognates - Digital Task Cards

These cognate task cards are a popular choice for early Spanish 1 or Exploratory Spanish - and we have just added a digital version! Students can now read and respond to each short reading in an Interactive Google Slide.

13 Graphic Organizers

Use the Digital versions of these 13 graphic organizers now, and use the printable versions once you are back in the classroom! Highly flexible and Editable, you will get years of use out of these tools!

Check in with your students!

Give your students the chance to tell you how they are doing each day through this Input-based Daily Check-in! It is a Google Slides™ file that contains a series of Question and Answer prompts for students to complete each day. 

SOMOS 1 Unit 8 Distance Learning Unit

This Resource Pack includes 26 files and suggested lesson assignments to fill 9 days with 20-30 minute tasks, all of which are digital and Google Apps™ based. Audio, recorded by Native Speakers of Spanish, is included for many of the texts so that students can receive both reading and listening input as they move through the lessons.

SOMOS 1 Unit 6 Storybuilder

This 52-slide Google Slides resource is a Storybuilder activity for Level 1 students. It can be used by the teacher as a guide for creating a whole class story, or it can be shared with students via Google Classroom for them to read and build their own story.

SOMOS Level 1

The SOMOS Curriculum can give you as much or as little support as you need. Follow it explicitly, or pull from the many texts and activities to support communication and cultural discovery in your classes. Learn more here!

SOMOS Level 2

Our Level 2 Curriculum facilitates communication in the past tenses and connects students with longer, more complex narratives. Some of the most beloved stories in the SOMOS Curriculum come from these units!

Nous sommes 1

The first 9 units of the Nous sommes curriculum will carry you through most of the first year of Spanish. Pair them with the class reading of a novel, and your Year 1 curriculum is fully covered!

Comprehension-Based Starter Pack

When teachers make the switch to Comprehension-based™ methods of language instruction instead of traditional grammar-and-vocabulary driven lessons, they need a new ‘wardrobe’! Out with the old worksheets and systems, and in with the new! If you are preparing to make this switch, this bundle is for you!

Diario de gratitud - Gratitude journal for Spanish class

NOW DIGITAL! What better time than now to focus on gratitude? Bring 14 days of positive thinking into your virtual classroom through these reflective journal entries.

Independent Work Printables

All of these materials can be shared in print or digitally in closed platforms like Google Classroom or Schoology, and students can complete them independently, on their own time.

Lecturas diarias

I originally created this packet of readings to be a summer work packet– and it is perfect for the situation that we now find ourselves in. You'll get 20 readings, many of them on cultural topics, that are perfect for students in Spanish 1 or 2.


Many teacher-authors and publishers have joined me in offering free texts to help give students input during school closure. If you have a collection of texts to give your students (maybe from Revista Literal) but nothing to do with them, buy this bundle. Print one copy for each student, and they can choose 1 or 2 worksheets per day to complete with a text of their choosing.

Fast Finishers

Designed for independent work for students that finish in-class assignments ahead of their classmates, you can print this set of 28 worksheets and deliver to your students for a variety of input-based activities and even a few writing activities!

Lugares de miedo

Each reading in this set of 5 products comes in TWO levels - one text that is more appropriate for Level 1, and another that is a fit for Level 2. If you have to provide print resources for your students, choose this bundle to differentiate for your students' proficiency level, or make life easier on yourself by assigning the same content to multiple levels with these scaffolded texts.

Lugares inimaginables: México

These cultural readings are perfect for students in Levels 2-3, and each one is accompanied by 2 activities in worksheet form.

Discussion starters

Are you leading live classes via Zoom or Google Meets, but having a hard time getting conversation going? Each of these resources includes a presentation that you can screenshare with your students to use as a foundation for conversation.

Preguntas locas

Use these 75+ projectable question slides (written in Spanish) to get to know your students' wacky side! With so many questions, there are plenty to pick and choose from to meet the needs of any of your levels of Spanish! Many slides also contain sentence starters for framing responses.

Special person interviews

If you haven't tried out Special Person interviews, there is no better time to connect with your students through these personalized questions. Available in French and Spanish!

Si yo fuera...

Whether you are working with "si" clauses or looking for ways to unshelter grammar in your early levels of Spanish, these imaginative discussion prompts will provide interesting content to talk about and scaffold student expression and interpretation.

Imagination Lab

Co-create a character with your students! The OWI Imagination Lab is an interactive slideshow presentation that is designed to be used in class with your students. The slideshow walks you through the creation of an OWI character (a food, an object, or an animal). Each slide presents a new detail to add to the character's description, along with several options.

The Unfair Game

Available in French and Spanish, you can bring the fun and frustration of this totally unfair game to your students, even from home! This particular game is designed for Level 1 students.

More to come

As the school year begins to take form and new needs arise, we will continue to adapt right along with you. Be looking for more Digital resources for Spanish 1 and 2 that will be added to the Semester 1 bundle, and even more for the spring!

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