Quiz Quiz Trade ::with Afro-latino example question set::

It's no secret that I loved my past life as a self-identified 'cooperative learning' teacher. Thanks to the Anchorage School District and my methods teacher, I attended my fair share of Kagan strategies as a pre-service teacher and newbie public school teacher. Once I learned about Comprehensible Input from Michele Whaley, Cooperative Learning Martina retired. … Continue reading Quiz Quiz Trade ::with Afro-latino example question set::

Mon monstre Mad Libs in French

Thank you to Beth Lemoine for translating the Monster body parts activity that I recently posted into French! She emailed it to me this evening with permission to share it on the blog. Click on the image below to access it, and click here for more about how to use it in class!

Body parts: Round Robin and Mad Libs

I am in the process of doing two things: (1) sorting through old files and finding things that I've never posted, and (2) adding featured images to old blog posts. Because of this, you're going to see a lot of automatic post notifications pop up on Facebook and Twitter--just know that only a few of them are … Continue reading Body parts: Round Robin and Mad Libs

Teaching other verb forms – a reading for Spanish 1!

I need to make an FAQ page. Here is one that came through today: ...I was looking at your website and I was curious if you teach the "nosotros" or "ustedes" forms in Spanish 1. If so, is there a certain unit in which you teach it? Thanks! The answer is, "YES, absolutely!" I don't … Continue reading Teaching other verb forms – a reading for Spanish 1!

Tener (“to have”) people search

Being a comprehensible input teacher demands that students have opportunities to produce output. Read why here. Once we understand output is not a taboo for a TCI teacher, we can start the search for fun ways to allow students to build productive confidence and competency! "People searches" are one of the fastest, easiest, and lowest-anxiety output … Continue reading Tener (“to have”) people search

Word Race Stories

Generate comprehensible input and provide opportunities for output from a traditional vocabulary-review game that is played with a partner! This activity makes for a great sub plan component, even when your sub doesn't speak the target language. PREPARE THE WORD RACE STORY WORKSHEET To get started, download the game template here! Once you've got the … Continue reading Word Race Stories

Output (writing and speaking) has an important role to play in courses centered on comprehensible input. learn more about its role here!


One common question that I was asked in my sessions at iFLT '14 was, "I thought that our goal is to provide students with comprehensible input...so why do so many of these activities contain output?" Great question! Is output bad? No comprehension based teacher thinks that output is bad. Output is a good thing and one of the end … Continue reading Output