Literacy Night, Take 1

Our school is holding a "Literacy Night" on Friday evening. The goal of the evening is to provide fun, literacy-based enrichment activities for our students and their families. It will be running alongside our 6th Grade Orientation, which (as an Elective teacher) is my opportunity to recruit new students for my program. My challenge was … Continue reading Literacy Night, Take 1

Grammar Targets for Spanish I

Finding a maternity substitute was, for me, not unlike any classic tale of unrequited love. I was "enamored" by several of my options, only to find them uninterested, unavailable, or snatched out from under me by dazzling offers of full-time positions (Emily!). I began to think that there was no other option but to turn … Continue reading Grammar Targets for Spanish I

Zoológico Loco

Here is a project that you can use while studying the imperfect past tense. Basically, students create an imaginary animal that is now extinct and describe it. My students receive a Citizenship grade (effort/on time?) and a Writing grade for the project. Notes for the imperfect can be downloaded here.