Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month

Did you know that Mexico is just one of seven Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America that celebrates its independence between September 15 and October 15, the official dates of the Mes de la hispanidad or Mes de la herencia in the US? Dear Spanish teacher, what’s your plan? PLAN FOR EL MES DE LA HISPANIDAD STEP 1: Get the word out to … Continue reading Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month

Five great Cinco de Mayo resources for Spanish classes

Cinco for El Cinco

Here are five great Cinco de Mayo resources that I've found around the Web. Coming off of a lively #authres conversation during #langchat (that I read post-facto), I want to clarify what makes a 'great resource' in my mind: A great resource is interesting [or it can be made interesting] That's it. If it's interesting, I'll find a way to … Continue reading Cinco for El Cinco

Spanish class ideas for Valentine’s Day

Every day is a great day to fill your students with comprehensible input, and Valentine's Day is no different! There are many ways that you can experience "all the feels" surrounding this holiday with your students using comprehension based activities and strategies to keep the language flowing. Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels Instead of creating a new … Continue reading Spanish class ideas for Valentine’s Day

After learning about Cinco de Mayo in Spanish class with your students, have them share their new knowledge with your entire school!

“Holiday Awareness” Idea!

I love this idea from Jenny Robbins, a Spanish teacher that used some of my Cinco de Mayo resources to teach her students the REAL history behind the infamous holiday! After learning about the holiday in Spanish, her students took to the school sidewalks with chalk, on a mission to inform their non-Spanish student classmates about the historical … Continue reading “Holiday Awareness” Idea!