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El que sabe, sabe game | Chile

A whole-class game that is played in teams to learn facts about Chile - all in Spanish!

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

Use this whole-class game, played in teams, to learn facts about Chile - all in Spanish! The questions in this game set features facts about Chile.

This product includes 32 question cards, projectable questions, and detailed instructions to play "El que sabe, sabe" – a game of numbers and wagers that was developed by Nelly Hughes – in Spanish classes. The projectable questions and answers are editable, making it easy for you to simplify or gloss the language used in the questions to make it more easily understood by your students.

This game is played for a pre-determined amount of time (15-30 minutes recommended), getting through as many questions as time allows. The only supplies needed are printed game cards, a different colored dry erase marker for each team, and a personal-sized white board for each team.

The resource is a PDF download that links to a Google Drive folder that contains all of the materials.

El que sabe, sabe game | Chile


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