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French Substitute Activities Set #6

Easy to implement six-frame storyboard sub plans! 

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
Google Drive, PDF
6 Pages

This product includes:

  • Instructions for the substitute
  • 3 different stories in a six-frame storyboard
  • 5 Comprehension questions for each story
  • A writing activity for each story
  • Print AND Paperless versions of the resources!

These sub plans are easy to implement!

  1. Read the story
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Write a new version of the story
  4. Illustrate the storyboard

These stories should be comprehensible for first and second year French students. Teachers can leave extra vocabulary words for the substitute on the Instructions for the sub page.


  • No prep needed and perfect for when you need something fast! The instructions are clear and the activities are simple enough for students to complete independently. 

  • I used this as a sub plan for my level 2 students. Students were engaged with writing the stories and illustrating the original. I would use this for a sub plan again. 

    Simone R.
  • this saved my life today as I am at the end of my units and I got sick and had nothing ready for the kids to start. these helped and they are easy for a supply teacher to understand

    Joshua C.
  • This is not only a good resource for CI teachers, it's also a great template for developing one's own resources. I would really appreciate an editable version so that I could change details to fit my own classes.

    Jennifer K.
  • Such a lifesaver! Takes away some the fear of having to choose between a sick day or toughing it out because I don't want to make sub plans. Merci!

    Jennifer L.
  • This is great for my substitute box. It is always really difficult to prepare sub work for foreign language classes because very few subs can work in the target language. Thank you for making this available. It is a great help and time saver.

    Sarah D.
  • So easy to use and a meaningful way for students to stay on task when you have to miss class! 

    Ashley Chrisman
  • Easy no-prep assignments for sub days :)

    Rachel Beckett
  • This worked perfectly when I was absent in my core French class. The kids enjoyed.

    Carina K.
  • This is a huge time-saver to have prepared and waiting in my sub folder. Thanks for a great resource!

    Mme Finelli

French Substitute Activities Set #6


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