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La Recette de l' amour Movietalk Lesson 3717504 1

La recette de l'amour | French reflexive verbs

A ClipChat lesson plan targeting reflexive verbs in French

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
77 Pages
4 days

Use the short animated film "Love Recipe" (click here to view it) to target the difference between reflexive and non-reflexive verbs in French. These four day lesson plans include a vocabulary introduction powerpoint, instructions for using MovieTalk to view the video and highlight the target structures, a Jeopardy game, instructions and slides for a formative assessment, and a reading activity with targeted grammar activities.

  • Love having so many supporting materials for the movie talk

    Cynthia L.
  • Love movie talks and not having to create my own resources from scratch. Merci! Thank you!

    Melanie Tupaj
  • This was one of my first efforts at a movie talk, but my students enjoyed it and they still do! Merci!

    Lydia M.
  • My students and I really enjoyed using this resource around Valentine's Day. It was a nice change to our usual routine.

    Twin Valley H.
  • We used this last February and I will be using it again this school year. It works in well with Valentine's activities for the month.

    Terri Kemp

La recette de l'amour | French reflexive verbs


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