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Simple Facts Games | Arcoíris, Seis, & Fan 'n' Pick | México

3 interpretive games to play with simple facts about México. 

Novice (Levels 1-2), Beginner (Level 1), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF

Pique students' interest with 12 facts about México, each written in Spanish that is easy for Novice learners to understand.

This game pack includes a brief, beautifully illustrated slideshow that presents basic country information and 12 facts about México to students. Read through the slideshow together and use communicative techniques to ensure that students understand each fact.

Then, have students review the information and continue to engage with the language by assigning one or more of the THREE games provided! This set includes:

Multiple games means you can revisit this information several times over the course of a semester or year, increasing students' likelihood to retain it in their long term memory! 

Each set of game materials is a PDF, and the slideshow is in Google Slides format and compatible with PPT.

The game materials can also be repurposed as a homework assignment or absent work.

Check out these bundles to save: 

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Simple Facts Games | Arcoíris, Seis, & Fan 'n' Pick | México


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