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Universal Screener writing form for world language classes

Writing form for World Language Classes with rubrics based on ACTFL Performance Descriptors

Not language specific, French, Spanish
Multi level
5 Pages

This assessment document is intended to be used as a screening assessment for writing. It includes rubrics that are based on ACTFL Performance Descriptors but broken down into sub-levels, similar to those found in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

I administer this screener to students once per quarter so that I can gather data and demonstrate measurable gains, so that students can see their progress and so that I can compare their progress to the performance targets for the course and so that I can see their progress in relation to their classmates in order to inform instruction and interventions. To administer the assessment, I show students an image (a suggested image is linked in the product file), and they write about it with as much detail as they can. Then, I assess their writing in relation to the rubric.

Two rubrics are included: one that includes descriptors for Novice Low through Advanced Low sub levels, and one that includes descriptors for Novice Low through Advanced Low.

This file is an editable Word document, and a link is included to access a Google Docs version of the same editable file.

This assessment will take 10 minutes or fewer to administer.

  • This resource is fantastic to monitor student progress when it comes to writing! The two rubrics are very detailed and align to ACTFL's Proficiency Guidelines.

    Chantal R.
  • I used this resource as a writing activity for my students. They were able to see the proficiency levels fully and we used it as a free write so they could self-evaluate and peer review where they felt their skills were on the chart and what they can do to continue to grow!

    Srta Burger
  • I used this at the beginning of the year for our baseline. It was great to show the students where they currently were and their progress throughout the year. The rubrics also helped many of the students to be more conscience in the progress they wanted to make.

    Ada M.
  • This is perfect for monitoring student progress & showing them/parents how they are improving with time. Our school requires us to use a tool they made for all student progress, so I like having my own for personal use.

    Karen W.
  • These universal screeners are great. I like that it includes a diverse image to use as a starting point for writing.

    Maria T.

Universal Screener writing form for world language classes


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