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¡Siéntate! Script

October 25, 2011

This is a script to introduce key vocabulary for Chapter 2 of Pobre Ana, with a special focus on reflexive verbs and commands. If you are able when you ask the story, choose the suggestions from your students that align with the vocabulary that they will need to read Pobre Ana (bed, bedroom, dirty, etc.).


  • se sienta - sits down
  • se levanta - gets up (lifts him/herself)
  • le grita - shouts at him/her

Reflexive Verbs Story Script

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Story Script - English

Juan sits down on his grandma's couch. His mom yells at him, "Stand up!" because he is very dirty. Juan stands up, bites her arm, and leaves. He goes to the pineapple under the sea and sits down at the table. Sponge Bob yells at him, "Stand up!" so Juan stands up, punches him in the face, and leaves. He goes to his girlfriend's house. She is very beautiful. He sits down on her bed. She yells at him, "Stand up!" Juan stands up and kisses her. He kisses her because he loves her even if she yells at him.

Lesson Plans

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