This is another activity that I use to review a story and get more repetitions. I have the students work in partners and use whiteboards to write down their answers, but you can do it however you want.

First, give your students the vocabulary for “before” and “after” («antes de» and «después de» in Spanish), if they do not already know it. I just write it on the board with translations (always two colors) and point to it each time that I say it. It’s not a target word, but if you do this activity enough, you won’t ever need to teach them as focus terms.

Then, choose as many as five very specific events from the story.

Put the first event on the board. (You could say it so that this is a listening activity, if you want.)

In the target language, ask students, “What happens immediately before __ (read event)?”

Tell students to discuss the answer with the partners and then write down what they think is the best answer on their whiteboard.

Have students reveal their answers to you all at once by holding up their whiteboards.

Share some of the answers that they gave with the class and discuss what the best answer is as a class. This is an important step, because inevitably students will write down things that happened before the event, but not immediately before. Help students to see that there are good answers, but there is always one best answer.

Repeat the process for “What happened immediately after __ (read event)?”, and then for each of the events that you have chosen to include in the activity.

Alternatively, you could give students four different options and ask them to choose the best answer from among them. That is a little bit lower level because they don’t need to recall the story on their own, but it would make for a great activity as well.

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  1. This is a great activity to use with smart phones or ipads or anywhere the students
    can get on the internet and a smartboard if you have one. They can write their answers on and it will project onto your smartboard and then they can vote on the best answer.

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