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December 3, 2011

Cynthia Hintz posted a link on her blog to one of Mr. Tejeda's Podcuentos. These videos are awesome! He has some in Spanish and some in French. He speaks verrrrry slowly and   circles each new piece of information very thoroughly. Cynthia used the story about the Chico Peruano to reinforce first-person singular verb forms with her students, but they would also be great for your students to use at home, to leave as a sub plan with follow-up questions (if your subs are allowed to use your projector set-ups...ours are not), or just as a break for you and your students from your voice! There is a great range of beginning videos (soy/me llamo/cómo estás, etc.) to more advanced (preterite/imperfect), and good cultural information! I'm going to get to work now on a Peru reading that I can pair with the Chico peruano video :) Thank you so much, Cynthia, for sharing your blog and ideas with me!! I've been getting so many great ideas from my blog visitors lately that I finally think the time I am putting into my posts is paying off! Wahoo!!

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